Bleak and Wet Midwinter

This time of year slips by so quietly but quickly, I never feel I can quite grasp the days and they move by until the holiday season is over and it’s time to be back at work. I didn’t take any leave and tend to enjoy the days into between Christmas and New Year at work as they are a time to catch up and reflect on the priorities for the New Year.  Even those seemed to speed by this year.  It was a poignant time for us as it was the first Christmas without my lovely Dad.  It made it more important than ever to spend time with family, be quiet and reflective, to think about what matters and to try and relinquish the unimportant things that don’t enhance life.  My only resolutions for 2016 are to live in the moment more, spend more time with family and friends and spend more time crafting as I enjoy it so much and it makes me feel content.



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