Spring Holiday

I am just starting some leave, a week and a bit! So far though, it has been taken up with snoozing and dog walking! Friday was my first day off and I met mum to have a look around Bateman’s, Rudyard Kipling’s home. It was lovely, and all the volunteers told us so much about the house. You almost felt that the family were still there. I also learnt that Kipling loved Aberdeen terriers ( which I now know to be the old name for Scottish terriers) and always had two or three as pets. 

Saturday and Sunday have felt as though Spring is here. It’s been warming, sunny with blue skies and green fields. The grey and brown of what seems to have been a long winter are receding. The dogs, (even the oldies have demanded to join us) have enjoyed their walks and today Pips and I met with some friends and their springer puppy for breakfast and a romp in the park. 

It’s been a weekend with a little drama, as our old, blind and somewhat bewildered cat made a bid for freedom and was found wandering down a busy road.  Thanks to the kindness of people, all the cars stopped for him and one lovely lady scooped him up, put inner car and called me. I’m so relieved to have him back. 



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