Mini Makes

I haven’t written here for ages as I wasn’t sure what to write that wasn’t duplicating my Facebook or Instagram posts. However over time I’ve begun to use Facebook mainly to keep in touch with friends, seeing what they are up to and posting about days out and Instagram has become a place where I have made friends with Cairn Terrier owners across the world! It’s also a great place for crafting inspiration along with Pinterest. There was no space where I was posting anything about my crafty endeavours, successes and failures and so I realised this was it. I’ve a bit of a backlog to post and lots of ideas in the run up to Christmas but here is tonight’s mini make. I’m trying to do a little crafting every night after work.  Tonight I’ve made a little note book case with pockets for pens, something I can carry around when taking measurements rather than scrabbling around for scraps of paper and pens. I find making small things like this fiddly and it’s far from perfect when you look closely but I’m quite pleased with it.


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  1. 29th December 2016 / 1:48 pm

    love it! do you have a rough pattern for it! would love to keep one on me for note taking when some writing comes to mind! 🙂

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