Norn Irn

As part of the celebrations for my mother’s 80th birthday, I took her and her sister back to Northern Ireland – or Norn Irn as the locals say it! My mother’s family are from Ireland, originally the south but lived in Northern Ireland for several years before going to the south and then my mum returned to the North again to train as a nurse. Eventually most of the family migrated to England for various reasons.

I booked a holiday home in Dundrum, County Down. This was the village that she had lived in as a child. It is breathtakingly beautiful but also wild and feels remote even though it’s only an hour from Belfast. The place we stayed at was right on the bay with a view of the Mountains of Mourne. It was stunning. The light changed constantly during the days offering a kaleidoscope of colours across the bay and mountains. Much of the Game of Thrones is filmed here and you can see why. The sunrises were some of the best I have ever seen.

I’ll definitely be returning.

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