Slow Time

I was in Northern Ireland last week and not only did we have a lovely time, but I also managed to decrease and slow down my media usage. We didn’t have the television on all week and spent the evenings reading, chatting and knitting. I did keep up with my social media feeds but limited that to the evenings. I have this week off as well, and am on my own as Rob is away on business. So I thought I would see if I could keep this up when on my own as a little partial media detox. So I’m not having the radio on in the mornings, but use that time to sit and read the newspapers. I haven’t read a newspaper properly for a long time, I’ve tended to rely on the radio. I’m enjoying it, finding the editorials interesting and stimulating, as if I don’t agree with them, they are still food for thought. I’ve been clear about what I want to watch on television and haven’t put it mindlessly on for background noise. I’ve limited social media to twice a day. I’ll never give it up as I enjoy it too much but just using it twice a day does seem to mean I lose less time being lost and distracted in others’ feeds. I can spend hours on Instagram as I find a lot of inspiration there but need to balance that with doing and creating from that inspiration! I’ve taken the time to cook food from scratch. Simple food but tasty. Irish soda bread, carrot and lentil soup and chilli con carne. This had also allowed me to use up some store cupboard staples so been thrifty as well. All in all, this slow, quiet approach has left me feeling very relaxed, calm and de-stressed. I know that when I go back to work I probably won’t be able to keep this up as much, as I think that thoughts of work would spin around in my head in the silence but I’m am going to try and have some quieter moments.

I think, spending time by the sea last week, dogs walks this week and fresh air is also good for the soul!

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