Goodbye to my Lovely Little Friend

Last week, on the coldest snowiest night of the year, just before midnight, as it was blowing a blizzard in the darkness, our little friend slipped away.  Coco was 14 1/2 years old and we had him since he was a puppy.  He was always a super little dog, who was very bright, wanted to please, had a sense of humour, loved his cuddles, (he was a real lap dog) and was full of that indomitable terrier energy.  When he was a younger dog one of his favourite things was hoover surfing!!  He would jump on it, barking away (and he was a dog who normally rarely barked) having a great time.  It made cleaning the house difficult but fun!  He was also the same about the hose when watering the garden.  He’d jump up and try and bite the water.  He loved the beach, adored playing ball and could go on playing ball forever.  As he got older he lost his sight and got diabetes but still relished life.  He enjoyed his walks although needed to stay on his lead, loved his food and cuddles and still wagged his tail as soon as you called his name.   Sleep well,  my little friend, have the sweetest of dreams, we love you.

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