Beginning to Wrap Up

There’s only a few weeks until 2018 is over. It’s been a complete year of change for us, a new home, a new lifestyle of less money but much more time and so much less stress. It’s been a happy year with some sadness now and then, mainly the loss of our lovely little Coco. However, the beautiful Gryff came into our lives, a lovely little bundle of mischief, energy and puppy kisses! We had a 6 week stay in the Peak District, an area we didn’t know, and now love, a holiday in Greece and lots of time spent exploring our new home town.

It’s time now to reflect and think about what we want to focus on next year. The majority of the redecorating has been done, so the garden will be an area of focus. I want to make the majority of my own clothes, learn to quilt properly, take better photos and get fitter. For the next few weeks, I am going to enjoy the build up to Christmas. For the majority of my working life, I worked over the Christmas period and was also on call. This year I’m looking forward to the early twilight walks through the town with all the Christmas windows and lights, wintery dog runs on the beach, Christmas markets and mulled wine, woolly hats and warm jumpers, frosty mornings and cosy evenings.


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