Inbetween Days

I always enjoy these inbetween days from Christmas to Twelfth Night. We’ve been lucky this year as the tides meant that we could go to the beach with the dogs each morning and make the most of the daylight. Then there are perfect afternoons spent knitting, (I always seem to move towards knitting in the winter and do more sewing in the lighter warmer months) with the dogs, tired and happy from their beach fun, snuggled up against us, the lights warm and inviting in the room against the dark of outside.I find the dark short days perfect for watching films and box sets that I think fit this time of year. They need to be full of dark sumptuous sets, rich colours, fires, wild weather, cosy and inviting interior scenes. So far we’ve worked through Harry Potter and are now on The Tudors. It’s a good time for relaxation and reflection for the year ahead, setting priorities and being open to opportunities.


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