Birthday Pup

Today our lovely Gryff is one year old. He is such an adorable little chap, full of terrier intelligence and mischief, as bright as a button, funny, willing to please and so cuddly. He loves his cuddles and first thing in the morning he always wants a long cuddle and chest rub. It’s not as though he hasn’t seen us during the night, they both sleep in the bedroom with us! He loves the beach, as does Pip, and so we have spent hours down on the beach with them, making the most of this mild sunny winter. We’ve also dusted off our bikes and begun cycling along the Prom to Hastings and further afield. This has morphed into a gradual ‘get fit and lose weight’ kick and we’ve even joined a gym. It’s hard work at present, but I can already feel the changes and am slowly seeing them on the scales. It’s also helped reignite my sewing mojo which had got a little lost over the last few weeks. I think it was the run up to Christmas and also winter evenings, are for me, a time to sit by the fire, with a film on and to do some knitting. If I’m going to the gym, I like to be able to leave quickly so I made a ‘grab and go’ make up bag, which is a tray by day on my chest of drawers, but I can quickly pull it into a bag with my make up in. I also can never find a waterproof bag big enough for my hair brush, shampoo, shower gel etc and also I always drop them as I carry them to the gym shower and the shelf in the shower is very narrow so they tend to fall off. I found some thin oilcloth material left over from a project and made a waterproof drawstring bag that I can carry to the shower and hang from the hook on the door. It’s also made me think about what clothes I can make next. I’ve enough sports wear for the time being but I need some more light jersey based clothing to change into after my work out. Jersey won’t take up my room in my gym bag, won’t crease and I also always want to wear something light and comfy after a workout. So I’ve sorted out all my jersey fabric and now need to plan what to make. I also want to find some hi viz fleece fabric so I can make some lighter but warm tops for cycling in the spring. I currently have a neon pink jacket which is great but will be too warm as the temperature increases. So lots of plans now of what to sew – just in time as the Great British Sewing Bee starts a new series on BBC2 – exciting!


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