I love this time of year.  I love that the weather is cold, that sometimes it is the cold of blue skies and frosty  crisp grass that crunches under your feet, that sometimes it is dark and wet with the driving wind that seems to be particular to seaside towns,  and making the most of low tide.  No matter what the weather is, the dogs love it. I love to semi hibernate with early and long evenings with lots of tea, yarn and knitting or sitting sewing.   I don’t do anything to ambitious with sewing or knitting at this time of year. It’s a time for easing into the year. My recent makes have been two more Nora tops from Tilly and the Buttons that I haven’t got around to photographing yet, and some dog beds.   Our gorgeous little monster chewed up the old ones!  We’ve had a lazy and delicious afternoon with high tea and a string quartet at a local hotel, a leaving present from my last job and some evenings at a local bar listening to tribute bands. If I can find a design, I make Rob an embroidered logo on a top for him to wear. I have been really lazy about taking and then uploading photos so  far this year, part of my current state of relaxation I think!




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