Getting Warmer

We’re really enjoying the longer lighter evenings and that it’s getting warmer. The spring low tides have been really low and so we’ve had huge expanses of sand to enjoy. The dogs have loved it, lots of fun, getting covered in sand followed by a warm bath (which I don’t think they enjoyed quite as much!) followed by doggy snoozes. I’ve dug out my proper bike from the depth of the garage, had it serviced and cleaned, road tyres put on it and am so enjoying it. I’ll sell my battery one, it was good to get me back into cycling but has had its day. We’ve done some long walks, I’ve knitted my first pair of socks and started another, am plodding on with my quilt which is a long long term project and am slowly grappling with an Icelandic knit, all the the round, has a steek (which will be nerve wracking to cut!) and some fairisle. It’ll be too warm to wear it by the time I’ve finished it as it’s so thick an£ heavy but it’ll be there for next winter.




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