Bikes, Running & Gardens

May came in cold and wet and then blossomed into some lovely warm days. We went to the May Day Celebrations in Hastings and to see the annual bike run from London. I cycled there and met Rob there as he went on his motorbike. It was a great bike ride there but much more difficult on the way bike. I had to push the bike for the first mile as there were so many people they were on the cycle path. I didn’t mind, it was great to see so many people there and good for the town. When I eventually was able to get on my bike, there was such a head wind that it took me much longer to get back home than the ride on the way out!

I’ve used the rainy days to do some sewing. I’ve made Rob some running tops so I thought I’d make one for myself. I found a pattern that was a free gift with a sewing mag and used some Lycra I’d bought from Funkifabrics. I’m really pleased with it and gave it a first airing at Run2music at Brighton on May 11th. This was a 5k along the prom with two ascents up Dukes Mound. I felt really slow and sluggish, well there was no feel about it, I was slow and sluggish but really enjoyed the event. I think the 21 mike bike ride to Eastbourne the day before hadn’t helped me!

Otherwise we’ve used the time to start tidying up the garden, clearing out overgrown beds, painting pots and also the garden furniture. Our terriers helped and clearly found it all exhausting! I’m going for colour in the garden, my sewing and knitting!


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